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Public works in the district

In October 2022, the following major utility works are planned in the district:

  • Between the corner of Fodor street – Vöröskő street and Gyimes street 5 , Álomszer Kft. will lay electric cables on behalf of ELMŰ Hálózati Kft.
  • In Hollósy Simon street, next to the playground, a road narrowing is expected due to water connection works.
  • Észak-Budai Zrt. will carry out electrical cable laying on behalf of ELMŰ Hálózati Kft. at the following locations: On Őzike Road between Alkony Road and 22 Őzike Road
  • From 31 János Zsigmond St. through the Hegyhát stairs to the corner of Kázmér Rd- Borbála stairs.
  • Between 150 Rácz Aladár Rd. and Mindszenty József Cardinal Square
  • Between the corners of Városmajor street- Kék Golyó street and 15 Gyógyfű street.

Road closures and parking restrictions are expected during the works.